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UNION CITY #1(Union City, TN) - 09/12/2020 UNION CITY #2(Union City, TN) - 09/13/2020 COOKEVILLE #1(Cookeville, TN) - 10/03/2020
COOKEVILLE #2(Cookeville, TN) - 10/03/2020 MURRAY #1(Murray, KY) - 10/17/2020 MURRAY #2(Murray, KY) - 10/18/2020

For our Athens rodeos, Nov 14-15, please notice we are having slack @1pm on Saturday and Performance @ 5pm. The first 10 in the draw will be in the perf. There will be NO ROUGH STOCK on SATURDAY. Both go's of Rough Stock will be run Sunday with the first go being at the beginning of Sunday's perf and the second go being at the end of Sunday's perf. CHECK-IN will be Saturday 11am-12noon if you are in the slack. If in Saturday perf only, must be checked in BY 4:00 PM. Rough Stock must be checked in Sunday BY 9:00 AM. ***Planning to have a tug-of-war in the arena Satuday at Athens between slack and perf. ALSO having a bonfire after the perf Sat. Come join us for hot chocolate and s'mores and good fellowship!***