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#2 Stephenville AJRA(Stephenville, TX) - 11/10/2018 #3 Hamilton AJRA Rodeo(Hamilton, TX) - 11/16/2018 #4 Hamilton AJRA(Hamilton, TX) - 11/17/2018
#5 Midland AJRA(Midland, TX) - 03/22/2019 #6 Midland AJRA(Midland, TX) - 03/23/2019 #7 Abilene AJRA(Abilene, TX) - 04/26/2019
#8 Abilene AJRA(Abilene, TX) - 04/27/2019 #9 Sweetwater AJRA(Sweetwater, TX) - 05/10/2019 #10 Sweetwater AJRA(Sweetwater, TX) - 05/11/2019
#1 Mullin Rough Stock(Mullin, TX) - 04/26/2019 #2 Mullin Rough Stk(Mullin, TX) - 04/27/2019 #3 Blanket Rough Stk(Blanket, TX) - 05/03/2019
#4 Blanket Rough Stk(Blanket, TX) - 05/04/2019

HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!!! Without mother's sacrificing countless hours to helping their kids' try to achieve their goals-where would this world be!? Many thanks to all you mothers who unselfishly and loving support your kids, husbands and family! The AJRA hopes that this weekend in some way blessed you and your undying love to your children and family!! (Dads! You have not forgotten for your hard work and dedication but you will get your day in June! This weekend was to remember "Mom"!!***************************************************************************** As always many thanks go out to all of those volunteers, parents, contestants and directors that contributed to a successful AJRA Sweetwater rodeo weekend! Thank you to all that unselfishly helped! Also, special thanks to the Nolan County Coliseum and the Sweetwater Chamber of Commerce for being such great hostess! In addition, a special thank you to Toby Hartman and her crew for the awesome concession stand that you provide our families, contestants and guests! ************************************************************ If you didn't pick up your AJRA NFR Entry Packets this weekend, they will be mailed this week along with any AJRA rodeo checks that were not picked up! ***********************************************The rodeo results have now been posted and you should review them all carefully. If you see a mistake or you have a questions, please email *****************************************************Postmark entry deadline for the Goldthwaite and Eden rodeos (final 2 AJRA rodeos) will be Monday, June 10, 2019. Late entries will be accepted until callback day on Monday, June 17, 2019 with a $25 late fee per rodeo. ********************************************************************If you didn't get your Family Unit Sponsorship in at the Sweetwater rodeo, you can still send it in to: AJRA, PO Box 398, Bronte, TX 76933. It is a requirement in order to enter the 67th AJRA NFR! ********************************************SENIORS-College Freshman! Scholarship application is available for you to access on the website! Applications are due Friday, July 6, 2019!! Please notice that "No Times" are indicated by 100.00 and "Turn Outs" are 200.00. Review the posting and if there should be any questions or mistakes that need attention, please feel free to call (325) 277-5824 or email