Region 5 Listing of All Current Rodeos

Qualifying Rodeo #1(DeRidder) - 10/02/2021 Qualifying Rodeo #2(DeRidder) - 10/03/2021 Get Acquainted(Lufkin) - 08/29/2021
Qualifying Rodeo #3(Lufkin) - 10/23/2021 Qualifying Rodeo #4(Lufkin) - 10/24/2021 Qualifying Rodeo #5(Nacogdoches) - 11/20/2021
Qualifying Rodeo #6(Nacogdoches) - 11/21/2021 Qualifying Rodeo #7(Nacogdoches) - 01/08/2022 Qualifying Rodeo #8(Nacogdoches) - 01/09/2022
Qualifying Rodeo #9(Nacogdoches) - 02/12/2022 Qualifying Rodeo #10(Nacogdoches) - 02/13/2022 Region Finals(Lufkin) - 03/05/2022

Don't forget that we will start the Saturday rodeo at 8AM and will start with the barrels. The order of events will be the same as usual except the roughstock events will be run last on Sunday. Will start at 10AM Sunday and will run in usual order.

State entries will be taken up Sunday after each event as we know the Top 10!! I will have 2 ladies set up outside the rodeo office taking care of this. Please do not make out your check until they have given you the total!!

Plant orders need to be texted or emailed by 5:00PM Thursday, March 3rd!!! You will turn in money on Saturday and pick up the plants either Saturday afternoon or before you leave Sunday!!

Baked Goods auction after church Sunday!!

For region information, please contact: Susan Baldwin (936)590-4330 - website