Region 3 Listing of All Current Rodeos

2018 RODEO #1(GRAHAM) - 09/08/2018 2018 RODEO #2(GRAHAM) - 09/08/2018 2018 RODEO #3(GRAHAM) - 10/13/2018
2018 RODEO #4(GRAHAM) - 10/14/2018

Results are posted for Rodeo's #3 and #4. Please review and notify the Rodeo Secretary should you find a discrepancy or have any questions. If you did not pay for your Region Raffle tickets at this event, the deadline is Friday, October 19th. (This is also the entry deadline....not postmark). After this date members will not be eligible for Rodeo's #5 and #6. Thank you all for another great Region 3 weekend. See you soon!