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FONDA SATURDAY(Fonda, NY) - 09/05/2020 FONDA SUNDAY(Fonda, NY) - 09/06/2020 PAINTED PONY 1(Lake Luzerne, NY) - 09/26/2020
PAINTED PONY 2(Lake Luzerne, NY) - 09/27/2020 PAINTED PONY SAT(Lake Luzerne, NY) - 10/03/2020 PAINTED PONY SUNDAY(Lake Luzerne, NY) - 10/04/2020
FONDA SATURDAY 2(Fonda NY) - 10/17/2020 FONDA SUNDAY 2(Fonda NY) - 10/18/2020 ATTICA 1(Attica NY) - 05/01/2021
ATTICA SUN(Attica NY) - 05/02/2021 STATE FINALS(LAKE LUZERNE NY) - 05/21/2021


As our 2020-2021 season has come to an end, we first would like to congradulate all of our Event winners!
As well as each and every contestant, We as an association are so proud of all of you!
We would like to thank our Stock Contractors, Announcer, Timers, Bull Fighters and Pick Up Men also!
Along with everyone else who had a hand in making our rodeo season a successful one, you ALL are appreciated so much!
Lastly we would like to wish ALL of our contestants that will be making the trip to Nationals, both Junior High and High School Divisions, the best of luck, remember you all have worked so hard to make it this far, give it all you've got, leave it all in the arena, but most importantly...HAVE FUN!!