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Listing of All Current Rodeos

Rodeo #1(Benton) - 04/27/2024 Rodeo #2(Benton) - 04/28/2024 Rodeo #3(Benton) - 05/18/2024
Rodeo #4(Benton) - 05/19/2024 Rodeo #5(Benton) - 06/01/2024 Rodeo #6(Benton) - 06/02/2024
Rodeo #7(Benton) - 07/13/2024 Rodeo #8(Benton) - 07/14/2024

Entries for the August 3rd and 4th rodeo will open on July 14th. Reminder that you must compete in at least 7 of the 12 rodeos to be eligible for year end awards.
Please remember to help out in the food stand! It is our biggest fundraiser of the year.